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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Trip to Caracas Part 1

Hi everyone!

I will comment on my trip to Caracas…

Begining by saying that I got up at 5 am for the trip lasted an hour and well prepare my journey began. I must say this is the first time I travel alone with my dad (always travel with my mom and dad). I missed, to my mother during the trip but that did not stop me having fun .. ^ ^

The trip took about two hours drive from Valencia Carabobo where Ilive, to Caracas... However when we arrived it was still pretty early. The good thing was that we could know more about the city...

In this photography I´m in the car!!  
Just Arrived!!

After arriving in Caracas in the car until we get to Plaza Venezuela ... It is a well known central square from there you can go anywhere and is one of the few nice places... Nearby parked the car and went to eat some good arepas, (of course, was uncomfortable with braces ¬ ¬), Although the arepas were good and went to walk around Square Venezuela.

Square Venezuela ^^!


Square Venezuela...
In the background you can see

 something known as the tower Seniat!


This is me in the Square Venezuela ^^!!
(The Sun was strong)


Although I am from Venezuela is the first time I traveled to Caracas for various reasons had never been this was my first time and I really liked ...

After taking some pictures, we went from there. And we are going to a mall called Sambil. Anyway was a fun day,  very soon my next entry:

My Trip to Caracas Part 2: "El Avila and Warairarepano"

Really sorry for the delay in my entries, I've only been a little busy ... 

I love you... 

See you soon!

Bye Bye!!

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