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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

With my New Agenda!

I was gonna go this weekend shopping for some thing needed for me because I threw away a lot on New Year's Eve cleaning, among those things I needed an agenda. Because as I wrote my projects in 2011 in a major notebook.

I know there are agendas are now digital and agendas are really handy and everything. But I like to write my things the old in that regard. Although I think the best agenda is my mind, we are human beings not computers. I have to organize my affairs in a schedule is in addition to practical and organized, fun .. hehehehehe ...

Certainly  is that my dad gave me a agenda yesterday from his job. This agenda is serious as it (I thought buying a rose and tips for girls) But let this agenda is really nice is all black. Hahahaha ... I had to choose between two versions in brown and black, but I love the color black so I already know that I decided ... Hahahaha ...

While I was watching my agenda, I came to my mind the question: 
Why have an agenda? 

- Because it's better to have your affairs organized to let the last minute.
- What is a better detail to call someone because you remembered her birthday or your agenda in  because you saw it in a social network.
- Because this year has 365 days and sometimes wasted hours of our lives doing nothing.
- Because if they like writing is a good way to pass the time.
- And you can add a lot if they wish.
- And yes they are girls, because women have to do 1000 things at once and you better be prevented. Remember women prevented are like 2!

Hahahahahahaha ...! 

And I'll let some pictures of my new agenda: 

There was not even open!

 Identified! Hahahaha..

Is still blank..^^



The last picture there you can see the engraved name of the company ..!

That it´s all!!

Bye Bye!!


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